@ CS3

Saturday August 5th

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FEATURING: Emo Philips, Anthony DeVito, Max Fine, Jamie Loftus, Danny Felts, Dwight Simmons, Meghana Indurti, Mo Mitchell, Sammy Arechar, Jessica Hong, Reena Calm, John Cessna, and Adam Gilbert.

Late Late Breakfast is a fast-paced, energetic stand- up comedy show hosted by Tyler Jackson & Danny Maupin. Each episode features a diverse lineup of top comedians delivering their polished material while going up against a bevy of unique games and challenges designed to keep both them and the audience on their toes, providing an experience that canʼt be missed. Pie fights, arm-wrestling tournaments, polygraph tests- you name it! Expect anything and everything out of the ordinary, all of it held together by solid, hilarious standup comedy. Late Late Breakfast is produced by Liz Maupin and runs monthly at The Hideout in Chicago and The Creek & The Cave in New York City.

“Late Late Breakfast [is] just such an incredible concept for a show and the masterminds behind it are... brilliant, just brilliant. Itʼs weird, chaotic and fun and silly and everything standup comedy lacks.” Brightest Young Things

“Late Late Breakfast is one hell of a ride and a great insane show.” Eddie Pepitone

“[Late Late Breakfast is] a raucous afternoon of high-energy mischief presented with an insiders wink.” Chicago Tribune